Are you bored of photos from the ground? Do you want to be different? Want you a different video? Then a drone is the best solution. The bird's eye view is fascinating and will give your shots an unusual atmosphere. Movie of drone is becoming a big hit. Photography and movie have a"drive".

On the dron shots I use a different drones, according to the type of action. Before action I propose right technology to achieve a lower price. Can shoot in a meadow, in the city and in the woods in high definition 4K video (3840×2160 px). I will edit the photos, edit the videos, or give you the raw data.

Whatever is possible?

Movie from drone:

  • movie
  • video clip, advertising
  • real estate and warehouses
  • weddings and party
  • sports event
  • festival
  • company event
  • live stream

Photo from drone:

  • construction progress
  • real estate
  • monuments
  • weddings and party
  • sports event
  • festival
  • panorama and spherical photos
  • events

What price is for drone shooting?

Every project is different. I make price individual, depending on the shooting length, technique used, distance, etc. You can find the approximate price in the price list.

Or you can write e-mail and say: "Hi Jirka, please, I need video from drone - what is price?"