Photovoltaic panels

Every technology needs a check and services, so that it can serve us as long as possible. In energy, this is true twice. Inspection photovoltaic panels with thermocamera can detect defective panels or their end of life. Because flight of drone is possible programme, can be obtained the hight safety and speed without downtime. Drone can to collect data in hard to reach places.
It can then be created from the scanned data 3D thermographics model.

Wind power plant

Under normal circumstances, when performing an inspection, the technician must climb to a great height and inspect the sheets directly at the power plant. This method is very dangerous and time consuming. Finding mechanical damage and cracks is much more efficient from the drone. Everything is captured from the camera in sufficient distance, quickly and efficiently.

Heat leaks and thermal bridges

The thermal camera on the drone can effectively capture a 3D model of the building and determine where heat leaks occur. Based on this data, a procedure for their removal can be precisely designed. When using the older method, someone had to go around the whole building, which can be time consuming if it is a hall, for example. Another problem is the capture of the roof, where the greatest heat leakage occurs. In this case, it was possible to use the surrounding taller buildings or walk through the entire roof, if possible. Drone can makes photos a whole roof in few minutes without a long mindset.

Optical inspection

With optical zoom can be performed object checks and find out their overall condition. With drone can shooting a different details of surfaces, folds, corners, cracks and the smallest cracks.

Inspection with drone

  • photovoltaic panels
  • wind power plant
  • high voltage lines
  • heat leaks
  • monuments check
  • roof
  • chimneys
  • transmitters
  • bridges
  • masts

What is price for inspection with drone?

Every project is different. I make price individual, depending on the shooting length, technique used, distance, etc. You can find the approximate price in the price list.

Or you can write e-mail and say: Hi Jirka, please, I need inspection from drone - what is price?"