Modern technologies are also appearing in agriculture. Multispectral analysis from the drone allows you to grow crops very efficiently. Is possible control soil qualityplant health, control the quality of fertilization, sowing, etc.

The procedure for analyzing the condition of plants is to first map the area. I process the obtained images in special software and analyze the data. From the resulting data we can find out in which locality the plants have little water, nutrients or are attacked by something. And very quickly and even before you notice it with the naked eye.
I then provide the data to the farmer, who uploads it directly to the tractor and who uses it using GPS it can very accurately dispense fertilizer, spray or water right where it is needed. This is how crop cultivation happens very effective, as we can grow more crops with lower spraying and fertilizer costs.

Zdravotní stav rostlin předZdravotní stav rostlin analýza
Multispectral analysis of plant health

Multispectral analysis:

  • plant health
  • water stress index
  • seed quality
  • resolution of vegetation slopes
  • fertilization quality
  • soil properties

What is price for multispectral analysis?

Since each field has a different size and different requirements, I set the price individually.

Or you can write e-mail and say: Hi Jirka, please, I need multispectral analysis - what is price?"